We have all experienced music’s ability to transport us, to tag our memories and make us relive experiences. Listening to a song can feel like looking through an old family album; this is how the concept of Audiograph was born. We wanted each song in this album to feel like a personal photograph, to tell a story, and take us to a specific place and time.

We want you, our listeners, to create your own images, to understand our music through your memories, to see through your ears. Listen closely and see where the music takes you. We truly hope your experience listening to this album is as personal, emotional, and memorable as it was for us to create it.

Fidel Cuéllar

Meet the musicians

Project Leaders: Luiz Ebert + Fidel Cuéllar

Luiz Ebert Audiograph

Luiz Ebert - Drums, Percussion, Compositions

Native of Brasilia, Luiz blends drumming with percussive sensitivity. Combining the innovative concepts of jazz music with traditional elements of Brazilian music he creates a unique sonic palette that propels music in different directions. 

Luiz graduated Cum Laude with a BFA from the City College of New York, studying under John Patitucci and Adam Cruz, and holds an MFA in jazz performance from the Aaron Copeland School of Music at Queens College CUNY, where he studied with Michael Mossman, Antonio Hart, David Berkman, and Billy Hart. 

Luiz has performed alongside an array of promising new jazz artists that include Matt Miller, Ryan Brennan, Kyla Roscovich, Matt Turowsky and Chris Talio, to name a few.  He also leads his own ensemble, E.B.E.R.T., and has co-lead NYChoro, an ensemble that combines the intricacies of both North American Jazz and the Brazilian chamber music of Choro. He is also currently working with some of the most inspiring Brazilian musicians in New York, including Cidinho Teixeira, Gustavo Amarante, Leonardo Cioglia, and Leco Reis.





FIdel Cuellar Audiograph

Fidel Cuéllar - Piano, Compositions, Arrangements

A native from Bogotá Colombia, Fidel relocated to New York City in 2007 to continue his apprenticeship as a jazz pianist and composer, under the tutelage of renowned musicians Bruce Barth, Mike Holober, and John Patitucci, graduating Suma Cum Laude from the City College of New York’s jazz performance program in 2009. 

Fidel’s stylistic versatility but distinct pianistic approach has put him in the radar of some of New York’s best jazz, latin jazz, and world-music musicians, such as award-winning drummer Bobby Sanabria, flutist Carlos Jimenez, and gospel singer Camille Newman, among many others. Fidel’s recording credits include “Thoughts” by Jimenez, featuring Vince Cherico on drums and Ruben Rodríguez on bass, and “Future Connection” by Cuban musicians Carlos del Pino and Rafael Monteagudo. He has performed as bandleader and sideman in world-class venues and festivals such as Iridium -where his band opened for Pharaoh Sanders-, Joe’s Pub, The Knitting Factory, and La Casita Festival at Lincoln Center, among others.


"Solid chords that drive the rhythm home and allow for spirited playing by the other members of the band...Cuellar burns through an emotional feature"

- Review of Carlos Jimenez's "Thoughts" album by Paul J. Youngman @ Vinilemania.net

"Cuellar does an excellent job on the ivory keys as well as on the Fender Rhodes (adding another dimension to the quartet)"

- Review of Carlos Jimenez's "Thoughts" album  - Latin Beat Magazine  


Sidemen: Livio Almeida + Will Caviness + Ian Stapp

Livio Almeida - Saxophones

"Livio is a jazz saxophonist and composer with a unique vantage point., fully respecting American and Brazilian music and being conversant in both. His technical skills, musicianship, and instrumental prowess place him among the top contenders of his craft."

- Arturo O’Farrill, Grammy winner pianist/band leader

Will Caviness - Trumpet

Will´s musical accomplishments are many: performing internationally in Amsterdam and Austria (2006), he was a finalist in the 2003 International Trumpet Guild Jazz competition, he has fronted his own groups up and down the East Coast, and has shared stage with countless jazz greats, including Geri Allen, Danilo Perez, Barry Harris, Eric Alexander, Brandford Marsalis, and Dave Holland.


Ian Stapp - Bass


Ian is a bassist, multi-instrumentalist, educator and composer from Tucson, Arizona. He received a scholarship to the University of North Texas, studying for two years before completing a BFA at the City College of New York, where he studied with bass legends John Patitucci, Gary Peacock, Larry Grenadier, and Tony Scherr.


Production Credits

Recording studio: Bunker Studio, Brooklyn, NY 

Recording engineer: Aaron Nevezie 

Mixing engineer: Jeremy Loucas

Master engineer: Katherine Miller

Produced by Fidel Cuéllar and Luiz Ebert 

Art design and direction: Daniel Arenas at Sunday Morning Studio

Artistic producer: Vanessa Rueda at Sunday Morning Studio

Grace Zinnel: Promo video


We want to thank God for giving us the music and the sensitivity to bring it into this world; thank our wives Mónica and Gabriela for their patience, support, and ideas; thank our families for their invaluable support and for believing in our calling; thank Livio, Will, and Ian, for lending us their brains, ears, talent, and discipline; thank Vanessa and Daniel, their love for our music and devotion to this project was humbling and inspiring; thank Nicolás M., Nicolás G., Adelaide, Lucía, and Moto, for contributing their audiographs and adding a new dimension to our project; thank Grace for her generosity and eagerness to share her talent; and to all of you who lent us your ears, for taking the chance to really listen.

Thank you!