What do you see?

Listen, what do you see?

Limited Edition Booklet

We've asked six artists/photographers from different parts of the world to listen to our music and share what they see. Each one was randomly assigned a song to illustrate. The resulting images have been compiled into a 56-page limited edition booklet exclusively for our hard copy CD.

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Design by Sunday Morning Studio

Daniel Arenas - Designer 

Vanessa Rueda - Art Project Producer



These are the artists' original audiographs, unedited and uncut . Tell us what you think, and send us your audiographs, what do you see?

Nicolás Manrique  

Los Angeles, USA

Born in 1982 in Bogotá (Colombia), he works and lives in Los Angeles. Artist and guitar player. He graduated with a MFA from Central Saint Martins in London and now studies Music and post-production at Musicians Institute College in Hollywood, CA.

Manrique's works include mainly drawing and photography pointing out isolated atmospheres, nightlife, and loneliness. His works has been exhibited in Bogota and London.


Nicolás Gómez Echeverri

Bogotá, Colombia

Born in 1984 in Bogotá (Colombia). Works and lives in Bogotá. Artist, curator, art historian, and drummer. His artwork explores codes for representing the sensory and perceptive experience of space. He works with objects and images that show the tension between the artificial and the natural with particular interest in modern art references to rural and urban landscapes.



Vanessa Rueda

New York, USA

Born in 1984 in Bogotá (Colombia). Works and lives in New York. Artist, designer and singer. Her artwork is all about femininity and the ritual. Her jewelry pieces, sculptures, installations and stories talk about a detailed observation, routines and the relationship between surface and obsessions. Her work has been exhibited in New York and Tokyo.




Adelaide Ivánova

 Berlin, Germany

Adelaide Ivánova: Born in 1982 in Recife (Brasil). Recently relocated to Cologne (Germany). Writer and photographer. Her documentarian analog photographies are intense approaches to issues related to the human body. Her work has been exhibited and published in several magazines and galleries in Brazil, New York and Berlin among other countries.



Lucía Oceguera

Mexico City

Born in 1983 in Culiacán (Mexico). Works and lives in Mexico. After completing a BD in Communications, she graduated from Pratt Institute's MFA program with a concentration in New Forms. Her artwork is related to contemplation, existential matters, exploring chaos and often vary in the medium and form. Her work has been exhibited in New York and Philadelphia.



Motohiro Takeda

New York

Born in Japan. Lives and works in New York. Artist and Photographer. He is interested in the ephemeral and transient nature of time and space and the concept of memory. He is very interested in analogue photography where light plays a very important role and introduces the sense of craft in his artwork. His work has been exhibited in New York and Spain.